Is finding a design for your next painting party giving you a hangover?

The Studio Marketplace is your trusted source for the independent “Paint & Sip” art studio.  We make buying licensed instructional-designs directly from other talented artists and entertainment art-studios possible.  Get designs for your events the legal way.  Whether you are launching your first Paint & Sip-style studio or just need to accelerate your calendar of events, we’ve got the designs for you.

Let Mary & Steve explain what the Studio Marketplace is all about.

We bring artists and studio owners together.  Which one are you?

I’m an artist looking to sell designs!

The Studio Marketplace is where talented artists and creators can sell their designs to entertainment studios who are always looking for new designs!

I’m a studio owner in need of designs!

Our Marketplace is a great way for studio owners to have a steady stream of talented artists providing designs for your next successful painting event.

"Studio Marketplace is my go-to service when creativity is low and I need help filling my seats fast. I look for verified artists to ensure the designs I am choosing gives me the greatest chance for a sell-out night."

Dan Feeley - The Pottery Factory