This phrase is exactly what we believe at the Studio Marketplace.

We want to be the design resource for the Independent paint & sip studio owner, to help you keep pace against growing franchises.  Let’s face it.  It’s hard to come up with new ideas each week.  Yet there are thousands of talented artists in this business field.  There are also thousands of studio and mobile studio owners working across the country.  They just need a way to meet!  This is why the Studio Marketplace was created.

What are the benefits for Studio Owners?

This is a huge opportunity to save time and fill your calendar with successful designs, legally.  No monthly subscriptions involved.  Simply find a design that matches your style and customer-base.  Buy a license.  Download your instructions and some high-res photos to get it posted on calendar.  Find ideas that are seasonal, age-specific, in just about every painting style available.   No more wasted time struggling to tweak a design or struggling to come up with your own version to avoid copyright infringement.

What are the benefits for the artist?

This is a marketplace where you are in complete control of how you can price and license the use of your artwork.  You create your own set of instructions, set your own price with the marketplace licensing terms and list your design for sale.  Anyone can be seller on the Studio Marketplace including other studios!  All designs will eventually run their course with your customer base.  What was popular this year will not be popular next year.  Why have your designs sit idle.  Earn some money on those once-great designs through a right-to-use license.

Does this process really work?

Absolutely!  There already artists that for years that have been selling designs through their own membership systems.  While they are successful and can be very cost effective per-design, the selections are usually pretty limited.  Our approach is different.  We want everyone to have a chance to sell that once great design to the next studio.  This should allow for a more premium list of designs to develop in our marketplace and our first few artists have already demonstrated this.   It’s also really a cost effective way to save time and mitigate the productivity loss when having to always come up with your own spin on things.

So create an account on the Studio Marketplace today and see how we can help both the artist and the studio continue to grow their business through awesome painting party designs.