A Riesling to Smile


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Add a touch of class to your calendar with this easy to follow design. A great template, and unique color palette make a successful outcome easy, even for the beginner!

Colors Used: Burnt Umber, Chrome Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Green Oxide, Mars Black, Titanium White, Violet
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Simple, yet sophisticated, “A Riesling to Smile” adds that touch of class to your calendar for the discriminating painter! With a great template this painting is simply filling in the shapes, but with a unique underpainting color, and a few easy to follow texture techniques, the outcome is stunning! Extended Use is for three classes, public or private. Original Hi-Res image with licensing logo must be displayed on all published or printed marketing materials for your events and website calendars.

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Michele Van Patten-Muzones is the owner and lead designer for Art Rave Inc. With a degree in illustration from Columbia College in Chicago, and 17 years of commercial illustration experience, she brings her designs to life with a variety of easy to follow instructions. Having designed all the artwork for her own company for the last six years, she is keenly aware of what sells, and what techniques can be easily replicated by her instructors, ensuring a high degree of success for your painters. Each month Michele, along with her design partner, Pat Gipple, create new and exciting artwork to add to their gallery, and they are just now making it available to share with studios like yours, exclusively through Studio Marketplace!